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Coding4Fun: Is That You? Writing Better Software for Cool USB Hardware

February 7, 2006

Ever since I read his Ultimate Developer tool list on his blog last year I’ve been gay for Scott Hanselman. Browsing the Coding for fun blog a few months ago I stumbled over this rather intriguing article about hacking a brilliant piece of hardware with some regrettably less than stellar software. The geist of it is that you have this little USB reciever you plug into your box and a little transmitter disc that sends out ‘heartbeats’ to let the reciever know when you’re nearby. The idea is that it locks your system when you are away.
Now I really don’t have much concern about locking my box but the idea of an open API for such a thing gives me shivers. =oP Leaving for the day and having Winamp pause, work save and close, msn sign out, and God knows what else I could come up with on top of locking things down is just too cool. Now that I think about it… Mix in some X-10 gadgets and you could have it turn on the lights, speakers, heat my chair up and make me a rum and coke with a manly straw in it.
Anyhoo, TigerDirect is giving them away for free after the rebate. Heres a link.

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