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Beefing up TimeTracker

February 12, 2006

Some time ago I read an article on Coding4Fun about a little system tray application for keeping track of billable time. It was a nice idea and I ended up mentioning it to my then girlfriend who said it would come in handy if she ever got into doing freelance work online but that she would want additional features like the ability to archive projects she’d finished and a way to export the data to pretty Excel reports for bills and records.
Reflecting on my years of freelance web development and years of creative timesheets, I decided that it would be a fun project.
In the end I’ve added the requested functionality to Mr. Kulps application and over-documented the code in the hopes that other developers might have an easier time getting into writing programatic Excel reporting than I did.
Here is the updated project source code in C# for VS2005:
Here is the binary in an msi installer if you just want to use the final product. I make no claims on it and refuse any responsibility, blah blah:
Here is the link to the original article: And here is a link to Mr. Kulps excellent blog:

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