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Fix the Internet Explorer sidebar drop problem

February 13, 2006

I’ve been on the fence about staying with Blogger, finding something else or just setting up my own on one of my domains. Having my sidebar here falling to the bottom of the page because of a CSS oversite was not improving matters. The solution BTW is either in the link of this post or by simply adding a line to your div css definition. Make it look like this and you’re golden.
.post div { margin:0 0 .75em; line-height:1.6em;word-wrap:break-word; }
The word-wrap:break-word; is your friend. Granted, if Firefox can handle the problem, IE has little excuse. On the other hand, if the most popular browser in the world by a silly big margin has a problem with your site, you fix it. If I told my users to switch to Firefox or to stop posting such long lines I dare say that they wouldn’t be my users for much longer.
Anyhoo, I decided to stick with Blogger because LiveJournal is nearly as gay as MySpace, WordPress is ugly and awkward, I can’t be bothered to spend the time setting up my own, I dig the community you get off a major hosted blog and I’m totally addicted to the send to Blogger button in my Goggle search bar. I dig the new MSN space blogs but they’re a little to busy, the fear of subscriptions in the future and the lack of my blog this button turned me off. So I guess I’m here for a bit longer.

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  1. Stephen permalink
    October 18, 2008 7:46 am

    Make sure every tag is closed. I tried everyone’s advice in vain and found the problem was a missing closed little ‘>’ at the end of what should have been …..That was the problem. If only your main front page is affected, it’s probably the code defect.

  2. Stephen permalink
    October 18, 2008 7:47 am

    Oops….should read:

    closed little ‘>’ at the end of what should have been ”That was the problem

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