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Digitally Imported System Tray Thingie

August 11, 2006

 Digitally Imported is a kick ass internet radio station that I’ve been a subscriber to for years.  They have a boatload of high quality channels with a great mix of trance/techno and specialized stations including 80’s, 70’s, Classical, Jazz, Country, Salsa, Ambient and New Age. 

They’ve recently lowered their prices to something like five bucks a month for all the music you can jam to.  You can check them out here: You can tune into most of the channels without an account but the music quality isn’t nearly as good.

Anyway, my only beef with DI is that some days I feel like channel surfing and it’s a bit of a pain in the ass to log into the site, change channels because some cool 80’s song is playing but then something gay comes on after and I want to switch over to something else so I’ve gotta refresh the page to see whats playing now and so forth. 

So I wrote a little app that hangs out in my system tray, keeps track of what is playing on each channel and lets me switch easily.  It makes me happy so I thought I’d share it with everyone.  I don’t have it setup to work with the free access so you’ll have to get your broke ass an account if you want to use it.  The app requires the 2.0 .Net framework which you might not have.  You’ll be prompted to download it from Microsoft if you don’t.  Just go along with it, you’re going to need it for a bunch of stuff in the future anyway.  There is a readme that comes with the installer with more details.

So here it is.  Enjoy the music.

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