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DI Tray Channel Surfer 1.1 Released

November 10, 2006

So after a lot of feedback on the inital version I revisited the launcher and made some improvments.

In case you’ve forgotten or are new to this,  Digitally Imported or is an internet radio station that broadcasts an excellent techno lineup.  They also have a sister station in that does a variety of channels like classical, 80’s, 70’s, oldies, country, jazz, latin and more.  They have an excellent subscription price of $4.95 a month that gets you high quality streams on fast servers.  There are also, free channels that offer the same lineup but at lower quality. 

The original version was meant to save me the effort of having to go back to the DI website to change channels all the time or to see what was on. 

The new version fixes three big things.

  1. Support for non-subscribers.
  2. New channel options
  3. Removed the last bug that was throwing an error now and then.

Here are some screenshots of the new version:

Download here.  It should install over the old version.

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