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Validating filenames

February 27, 2008

So I’m working on a project that grabs a Shoutcast stream and saves the songs out as MP3s with tags and all.  Obviously the artist – title.mp3 filename won’t always be valid off the bat.  I was a bit shocked that the following line wasn’t good enough.

cleanTitle = Regex.Replace(title, @”[^A-Za-z0-9 -]]”, “”, RegexOptions.CultureInvariant);

The classical guitar channel busted right through it.  The Spanish upsidedown question mark thingie seems to translate late into a regular question mark and still make it into the filename.

After some searching System.IO came to the rescue.  I had no idea there was a Path class.

foreach (char c in Path.GetInvalidFileNameChars())


cleanTitle = cleanTitle.Replace(c, ‘ ‘);



Anyone got a better approach?

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