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ASP.Net Server Control Tag For QueryString

March 26, 2009

Maybe I’m just lucky but I’ve only had to use control tags in ASP.Net apps very infrequently and I always forget how they work until I need them again.  Sherlock Holmes would say thats a good thing but I’m going to post a little example here for my own benefit. 

I LOVE the ListView control that we got in 3.5 and I’m using it alot in the dinky apps I’m banging out of late.  For this one I needed to create a little link in the grid for each row using the current querystring and the row’s ID.


asp:ListView ID=”lvLicenses” runat=”server” DataSourceID=”dsEmployeeLicense”>


<tr style=”background-color: #E0FFFF;color: #333333;“>


<a href=’EmployeeLicense.aspx?EmpID=<%=Request.QueryString[“ID”]%>&ID=<%# Eval(“ID”) %> target=”_self”>Edit</a>


Easy as pie.  mmm pie.

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