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Keeping a Change History With LinqToSQL

June 9, 2014
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So in a lot of applications you want to keep track of what your users are doing to your precious data.  What was it and what did they change it to?  I remember setting up entities with a bunch of isDirty flags or adding to a list in set methods which are all fine but if you’re using LinqToSQL, you’re already covered.

Just before you do a submit changes all you have to do is call GetModifiedMembers on your table object.  Like so:

var foo = currentView.db.Accounts.GetModifiedMembers(currentView.EditAccount);

Then you can loop through any and all results to get .Member.Name, or .OriginalValue or .CurrentValue

PS.  I realize that you can just do this invisibly by overriding OnChanging classes but if you need to be selective the above is a solid method.

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